Shreyas Ragavan


I’m an engineer, dreamer, hacker, data scientist and technophile who enjoys performing in-depth research and analysis, as well as developing end-to-end solutions that drive Business Intelligence and Growth.

Armed with a strong background in analytics that started in computational physics along with a wide domain exposure - I’m constantly honing a keen eye to comprehend the big picture. I possess a penchant towards implementing workflow automation and have worked with multi-functional and multi-national teams. I’ve executed, as well as managed projects revolving around R&D, Analytics, Sales, ERP systems, and more.

I’m frequently available on IRC with the nickname shrysr on a bunch of channels, especially #emacs. I’m active on Linked in and Github, and occassionally on Twitter.

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  • Data and Business Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Product development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Combustion
  • Aerodynamics


  • MSc (Engg) Advanced Mechanical Engineering, 2011

    University of Leeds, Leeds (UK)

  • B.Tech Automotive Design Engineering, 2010

    University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun (India)


Docker driven datascience environment and workflow

Developed a workflow built on Docker (and other tools) to create a reproducible, standard, consistent environment to run a variety of datascience projects and cater to development and production modes. The images enable deploying dashboards like shiny or streamlit.io quickly and with ease and addressing problems with a standadrd toolset.

Federal R&D Spending on climate change

An EDA using R of federal government data of the R&D budget towards Climate Change.

Bash scripting to compare chat logs of an IRC channel

A BASH script to extract the raw text from different servers and compare them.

CFX Job scheduler

python script to manage multi-priority ANSYS CFX simulations on distributed computing clusters

CFD Post Processing automation

python script to help automate post processing of simulations, by applying an extraction macro on multiple result files.

Contributions to the CFD-Online Wiki

Documentation (based on actual exploration) to the popular CFD-Online wiki related to getting started with Open Source CFD.

Current Trends of Emission Reduction Technology in Vehicular Diesel Engines.

This project undertakes a technology study and survey covering the methods to controlling harmful emission from Diesel engines in particular and the efficacy different technologies. It explores current emission norms and the contradicting formation conditions of NOx and CO

Course Certificates

MongoDB basics - M001

Fundamentals of using mongoDB query language while using the mongo shell, querying multiple datasets on multiple clusters on MongoDB’s Atlas as well as using their GUI client Compass
See certificate

EdX HarvardX PH125.1x Data Science Basics: R

Covered the fundamentals of using R in Data Science
See certificate

Introduction to R for Finance

Covers the basics of pulling in stock data and analysing them using R
See certificate

SQL Fundamentals

Took this course to solidify my fluency in using SQL
See certificate

Data Analyst Path in R

Completed the entire Data Analyst path on DataQuest. This covered using R in a data science project.
See certificate

Data Science R basics

Companion to EdX course PH125.1x
See certificate

Intro to SQL

See certificate

Introduction to Tidyverse

See certificate

git & Version control

Used this course to solidify my skills in using git.
See certificate