*What* do I need first before “TMSR is all I wanna do”


  • [2019-09-13 Fri]:
    • Added rough estimate for cost of living @ Canada. Distilled (4.0). This will be subsequently expanded to consider altogether other locations.
  • [2019-09-14 Sat]
    • Added Path forward section and also some references to chan discussions.

Log Reference to the question


These are general rough points from which some inference is extracted into the distilled portion.

  1. On a fundamental basis I need: subsistence (+ savings) + time + energy.
  2. Working on TMSR related ‘stuff’ 100%, 24/7, would mean that I am making money off my work there – sufficient for subsistence and ‘savings’.
    1. I will not go into fiat v/s non-fiat and inflation and etc at this point – it will be explored subsequently.
  3. There is potential to earn using Eulora, and to construct an income through ‘tmsr work’ (blanket term for anything related to tmsr). w.r.t Eulora – This requires time to build the knowledge/skills necessary to first get started, and actually understand the nature of the game.
  4. Job – Field, in terms of subsistence outside tmsr:
    1. I understand that any non-tmsr job, in any field is filled with pretense, not to mention field-specific issues w.r.t learning.
    2. I am no longer concerned about pursuing or constructing a career in ‘core’ mechanical engineering / design engineering / CFD.
    3. find a job in a field wherein I can learn other related ‘technology or product’ without being constrained by the current product line or business or sole dependence on a mine. As explained here.
    4. find a job in a field wherein there are a high number of jobs available in the market.
    5. Data Analytics/ Science ‘in some form’ is a reasonable option considering my current skill set, w.r.t 4.3 and 4.4 above.
  5. Alternative subsistence options will require … an ‘expanded’ thinking approach, one that is not constained by methodologies / patterns used in the past.
  6. I want to apply my intelligence towards meaningful work. I want to be able to sharpen/refine/grow said intelligence (and other characteristics) towards growing as a ‘human being’.
    1. I believe this will bring me wholesome happiness.
    2. The sharpening or any growth will take place only if I can work under/with people who are willing + have capacity to guide me. the ‘cool people’.
    3. I want/prefer this meaningful work to enable me to earn all the money I need, and have the potential to grow to cater to ‘wants’
  7. While I can take up labor intensive jobs that make less intellectual demands and more physical energy – my skills/education allow me the option of ‘intellectual’ jobs that offer improved subsistence.
    1. The latter choice comes at a cost. The cost is the same time + energy I need to work on tmsr. The only benefit is that I may (should) have more to convert into bitcoin.
    2. The cost can be optimised by ‘type of job profile’ + ‘smart workflows’, but only to a limited extent.

Distilled (well.. somewhat)

  1. Freedom (no more salt-mine type dependence for subsistence)
  2. The only reason I cannot quit my salt-mine and ‘do tmsr’ 24/7 today: subsistence. I am not yet in a position to earn subsistence from Eulora / working for tmsr due to skill deficit.
    1. Inference: all I need is time to put in the effort required to reach that position (presuming it is possible to rely entirely on tmsr activities to reach said subsistence and more, at some point in time).
    2. Till I reach the position of earning subsistence from tmsr: all I need is a subsistence mechanism which takes up minimum time + energy, and is stable (i.e not variable, and not fearing for job security every other day thus stealing more time +energy).
    3. While a minimum subsistence (in terms of remuneration) is certainly the logical requirement – I am atm ignorant of the extent to which I can earn from TMSR work (even eventually), i.e versus required subsistence + savings.
  3. While subsistence does not include luxuries, there are some critical considerations. These are not things I need ‘first’ – but these are things that will need to be considered.
    1. medical + dental expenses. ‘general’ medical insurance is available from the government in Canada at no additional expense, and additional things like dental etc are usually covered by a separate insurance provided by the employer (in varying degrees.). (fwiw: dental work is ‘crazy’ expensive here, as I recently found out)
    2. While my parents will not depend on me for their subsistence (for the foreseable future) – I must be able to take care of them if the need arises (well, preferably without starving myself). There are no other dependents atm.
  4. Estimates of Cost of living (Canada) (figures are in CAD)
    1. Rent: In general, rent per month need not exceed 1000$ for a single person (including utilities), quite likely in most locations in Canada. The basis is derived by looking at expensive locations (Toronto), v/s significantly cheaper locations (current + other locations in Ontario itself). Depending on the region, the space/facilities will obviously vary. The lower side depends on preferences (or sacrifices) in terms of the facilities one is willing to share (particularly kitchen and bathroom), and could easily become ~500$.
    2. Food: 500$ per month should be comfortable for a single person who occassionally eats out. Under extremely strict conditions (both raw material purchase + 0 eating out), this could possibly be optimised to ~350$ or even less.
    3. Mobile/Internet/Utlities : In general utilities (including internet) appear to not take up more than 100-120$ per month, though I have not had occassion to pay utilities separately so far. Absolutely basic mobile talk plans could be as low as 30-40$, but it depends on what is needed / chosen. For eg: data quota, Canada + USA unlimited calling + sms (or not) and so on.
    4. Car + fuel : it does depend on the amount of travel required (and of course fuel efficiency of the car). Depending on the city – it is possible to get by without a car. As of now, I use less than 40 CAD $ of gas per month.
    5. While the above is a generic estimate, and it is made easier that other than some credit card debt (only to maintain ‘credit history’), and despite major expenses of setting up from scratch, including car + new laptop and several courses – it appears I’ve still saved 20%+ of my yearly (before tax) income in my first earning year – the percentage will increase considering after tax.

Path forward

  1. This has to be a continuous exploration untill the goal of freedom is achieved. Till then, subsistence has to be taken care via non-TMSR jobs.
  2. Due consideration should be given with respect to choosing between being a master v/s slave (and that master != employer).
    1. Important that a plan of action is created from these explorations.
  3. Understanding of the earning taking place at TMSR should become more lucid.
  4. Need to improve my understanding of Eulora. Though several hints/comments have been shared by Diana, including a directive for a task, and my understanding has been improving – I am yet to consolidate this into a good overview.
  5. Gather subsistence data on other options, going beyond Canada and India, with reasons as to why the place is being considered (or not).
    1. While I have lived in India longer – it has been actually quite difficult to estimate a minimal subsistence there for a single person. Unlike Canada, there is a huge variation from one place to another, and life/medical insurances etc have to be taken separately and are not fixed rates. In some locations, it is quite feasible to use a cheap motorcyle – while not worth the risk in other places. It may be a better option to describe some generic scenarios + locations in the case of India.
  6. Lay out a detailed budget as described on this trilema piece.

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