Thoughts on: My first 2 years as CTO for Minigame

Reference Article

  • Contains a reference to chetty (Martha McCuller), which was inspiring to read. Seeing the variety in Martha’s exposure felt encouraging. It led me to reflect that I need not hold on to a past regret of not having done something, and that I learned something from each experience.
  • Diana describes that she no specific game plan to begin with, except wanting to play Eulora. I can empathise with this idea, but is that enough? Enough for what… succeeding in life? Have I defined what success means to me in any practically useful (non-ephemeral) way? The answer so far is still disturbingly vague: I’ve found happiness in doing work that engages my mind and enables me to ‘discover’. I’d like my work to mean something and as of now, I think this translates to being useful for somebody other than myself.
  • Interesting to note Diana’s remark that the beginning always seems to be optimistically naive despite scars accumulated over a lifetime. I won’t say that my optimism in general is not tempered at least a little through experience, but I think this is more related to a caution with respect to time frames of project completion, and the realization that it is not possible to be productive 24/7, like cramming before a test in school. However, I wonder if making progress is impossible without this optimism, no matter how ‘misguided’.

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