Including parts of README.rst in your sphinx docs

"ReStructured text has a handy include directive which allows you to include content files by path references.

I tried using that in the README.rst and our docs. Unfortunately on github this fails for the README because github don’t allow the include directive for security reasons.
There’s a neat facility in RST that allows you to specify text to start from when using the include directive. This means you don’t have to include an entire file – for example in my case I didn’t want the whole README to be added to the docs."

Including parts of README.rst in your sphinx docs (Muffin Research Labs)

This will probably be of use to about 3 people, and I’m one of them. If you feel your eyes glazing over, don’t fret and look at this kitten picture instead: The problem I wanted to add some content to both our docs (built via sphinx docs and written in

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