Brief exploration of Linode’s backup service add-on

The price is relatively cheap. There appear to be 4 backup slots, each with a varying number of days. However, the price increases as the size of the Linode go up. While the website and the services can be considered critical – I am nevertheless hesitant about relying on Linode itself for backup.

I’m thinking that with some scripts and some discipline – I can make sure of backing up the important information, in terms of folders, rather than the entire hard disk. A script could be written for this , and the backup could even be a local hard disk.

If everything, including the org files are stored in git repo’s and synced regularly, then there should not be any problem.

Another option is to start with the backup plan and eventually shift out of it, when I am ready to setup.

If i switch to the 2GB Linode plan, which gives me more harddisk space and a reasonably comfortable RAM to do most things – then the total expenditure on Linode will come out to 12.50$ per month. This is still reasonably affordable, especially considering that it can serve up multiple websites.

However, there are some caveats with Linode’s backup service. It is not clear, if say an org file will considered ‘changed’ if the content of the file changes.

Michael Hampton’s answer(s) in this discussion summarises some key concepts related to backup, and is a worthy read. He also recommends reading the book The practice of system and network administration, which is available oreilly.

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