Progress in docker is going reasonably well.

Nick Janetakis’s course has been a significant boost in mastering the most commonly used commands in Docker. While there is much to cover in terms of serving web applications – I am now able to ‘fluently’ move around in Docker.

The notes have come along well in general and should become a worthy reference. Considering that general exploration consists of a lot of repeated commands – beyond a point, it is useful to be able to copy a large chunk of the command and modify them. Since the commands are rather long, with many flags – the process of repeatedly keying them in is error prone.

Org files and source blocks have been useful in the above regard. In particular, detached processes can be run easily via org source blocks. Commands that do not work via org source blocks (especially interaactive ones) are generally self evident via errors.

As such, many of the output blocks are visible, only explicitly specifying the formatting of the results, i.e :results verbatim.

For now, I’m recording the latest notes in the files of a repository setup for the course. The consolidated notes are in org-brain, and I will be porting over the notes as I review them.

Though the course videos are only about 5 hours in total – it still takes time to watch the videos and practice along. I would estimate having put in upwards of several days, and would say that on a dedicated basis, the course could be completed in a week.

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